Amateur Photography With Anna

A few months ago, I was hiking in Colorado and dropped my digital camera in a stream. When I went to buy myself a new one, I decided to upgrade to DSLR and finally get serious about my photography hobby. I take outdoor photos with my niece Anna mostly as I prefer the natural lighting, but I hope to move to an indoor studio soon to try it out.

I find that taking photos outside is really a lot of trial and error for me. There are so many more buttons, settings and functions on my new camera that it is still a bit of a learning period for me. And getting the settings just right for the lighting conditions takes a lot of work, at least for me. But I do enjoy it as it is more of a challenge for me than just engraving, which is partially why I am taking a break on offering up my engraving services to the public. I enjoy that as well, just not as much as other hobbies like photography.

I also enjoy taking photos outside because you never run out of things to take pictures of. The tree that was all green yesterday could have new blooms today and fresh blossoms by next week. And that is just something that is really interesting to me and I love to capture that kind of stuff with my camera. The walks that I take in Colorado are some of my favorites, even if I did drop my camera in the stream like a chump.

Nature is really a great place to test out photography and see if it is really a hobby that appeals to you. Plus, there are a lot of people out there who make a career out of taking photos of people and pets outside instead of in a stuffy studio with fake lighting. Who knows, maybe one day I will start offering up my photography services as well!

Telluride image by casey.reynolds/Flickr