Novelty Cycling Jerseys Are My New Guilty Pleasure

Before I got into cycling, I thought my expenses would just be the bike, a helmet and maybe some shoes. Then I saw some funny cycling jerseys and knew that I was going to be addicted to finding cool novelty cycling jerseys for my rides. I am kind of amazed at how many different options and designs are available out there. They even make them for kids, which is pretty cool. My niece, Anna, like to ride with me sometimes so I picked up a couple of character jerseys for her to wear when she rides with me.

What I love about the jerseys is that there are so many options out there that you could wear a new one each time you ride and not have to ever wear the same one again. I've seen lots of different ones when I go out with my local cyclists club. One guy wears all sports related cycling jerseys while another wears all beer brand cycling jerseys. But me, I'm partial to the really funny ones that I see.

Of course, you see a lot of cyclists out there with the simple bike jerseys on that really do not let any personality shine through. These seem to be the guys who are really serious about their cycling and not really doing it just as a hoby or as part of a fitness plan, like me. Now, don't get me wrong, I am all for trying to be the best that you can be at something, but I also think that you should try to have a little fun with it every now and then.

I really enjoy being able to get out and ride on my bike, even if it is just a good cheap road bike and not a top of the line one. I dunno, I just do not like to spend a lot of money on something if I can go with a little bit of a cheaper option and still get just as good quality, use and durability from it. Maybe if I saw this as a serious sport then I would get one of the more expensive options. But, for now, I have my eyes on something else for the money.

What I want to do is move to a new city where the weather is a little bit nicer so that I can actually get in more days of cycling each month. That would really be the ideal scenario for me. And, hopefully it would be a place that is cheap enough for me to get a little small studio or work space so that I can get back on my engraving instead of keeping it on the back burner.