Christmas is coming...

It feels like just a blink of the eye, and its already coming to the 2nd Christmas ever since I put on boots. That means its just slightly over another half a year more to go for me!!.

Ah well though my life had to be put on hold, especially my career, I guess it still gave me time to explore other areas, such as studying and engraving. Guess I wouldn’t have had that opportunity if it were otherwise.

Anyway Christmas is coming again and its time for presents. I’ve been having a hard time figuring out what to buy for the people that I’m giving presents to. I’ve been cracking my head for the past week.

Fortunately, a colleague from my office told me today that there’s a perfume sale at a nearby warehouse at Ubi. As I had the afternoon off, I went down to have a look. I ended up spending over $200 on perfume. Luckily its not all mine, as I helped wifey’s colleague make a purchase so I get to claim back quite a bit. Phew!

Anyway, the warehouse sale for perfume is at 10, Ubi TechPack, Lobby B, #07-30… I think! Best to check the banner near the cafe.