Mark’s list of unique and engraved Christmas gifts

A reader, HyperX from, recently commented on my previous Christmas is coming post and suggested I make a list of Christmas presents list. It was a very good suggestion so thank you HyperX for providing me with some inspiration.

So then, here’s a list of Christmas presents/gifts that can be engraved for the special people in your life.

1) A Christmas dish plate! This is inspired by the latest gift plate that I did for a relative. She suggested today that I make one for Christmas for her to give to some special people. The idea is to have Christmas hollys as the border, a picture of Christmas, on the inside of the plate (one vertical half) and then the Christmas message and greeting on the other vertical half. Quite a cool idea and I’m sure, not many, if not no one, has ever received such a Christmas present.

2) A pair of glasses, or make it a six pack! Be it wine or other tumblers, shot glasses, etc , engraved with pictures of Christmas. Well, I’ve done a few last year. Remember the cute Christmas bears? Those were lovely… oh and the snowman set for a friend’s wife…cute

3) Wine bottles! I think this is the best gift of the season. Christmas is the time to make merry and enjoy some good wine! I’ve done many wine bottles for anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s day. However, I’ve not done wine bottles for Christmas hence I’ve launched a promotion specially for this Christmas. Combining good wine with a nice Christmas picture and a personalized Christmas greeting and message. It’ll definitely make it a memorable Christmas to the person receiving it!

4) Perfume bottles! Now this is a very recent idea and I’ve been getting quite a few requests since posting up my initial engravings on perfume bottles. This idea is of course, can be used as a Christmas present for that special someone, be it girlfriend, boyfriend or husband, wife. I can’t think of anyone else a person would give perfume bottles to…maybe very very close friends I guess, but I think thats just what I think. So HyperX, maybe you should get your special gal perfume, and I’ll engrave it for you at no charge. Thats thanks to the inspiration behind this post! Please do contact me.

5) Glass coasters! Ok this is an idea I’ve been thinking of but not done, ever. I’ve seen plain glass coasters sold at stores and wouldn’t it be nice, if a Christmas pic was engraved on each?

There you have it! My list of 5 Christmas gift ideas. If you’ve any more ideas, feel free to drop a comment and I’ll add it on!