Chihuly Is My Favorite Glass Artist

One of my favorite artists who works with glass is Dale Chihuly. I first saw an exhibit featuring his work a few years ago in Columbus, Ohio when I was visiting a conservatory. The interior if this conservatory featured lots of nice plants on display, as well as some water features, and in the midst of these things were works by Chihuly. They were unlike anything that I had ever seen – they were glass works of art like nothing else. So, I spent extra time in that conservatory that night just taking in the awesomeness of these pieces of glass art – some of which were quite huge too.

That night of surprise glass artwork at the conservatory stuck with me and when I happened to be in Nashville, Tennessee a few years later I came across another exhibit of his artwork. The art museum in the city there, called The Frist Center for Visual Arts, had a special exhibit of Chihuly glass works on a floor all by themselves. These pieces of art were similar to what I'd seen at the conservatory in Columbus, Ohio except many of these pieces were much, much larger. That makes sense though since it was a stand alone exhibit without the backdrop of plants for greenery or water features. Unfortunately, the space at the Frist museum is quite small and it was not a very large exhibit. It definitely left me wanting more.

Fast forward to just a couple of years ago when I was living in Raleigh, North Carolina and I saw online that the art museum in Richmond, Virginia was having a special Chihuly exhibit. Since I was so close to that city, I decided to drive up there on weekend to take in the awesomeness of Chihuly art live in person. Much like the art museum in Nashville, this one gave the Chihuly works its very own exhibit space. And though there were some similarities in what was displayed in Richmond and Nashville, it was still its own unique Chihuly art exhibit. It was definitely a sight to behold, for sure.

And now, finally Chihuly is getting the respect that he deserves as a museum has opened in the recent years back where he lives in the Seattle, Washington area. Called the Chihuly Garden and Glass center, this museum is dedicated to the glass artwork of Chihuly. Since I am on the East Coast, I have not yet had a chance to make the trek over to check out this dedicated museum. However, it is definitely something that I plan on doing. It actually opened up back in 2012 and the building itself looks amazing at it is also made of glass and you can kind of glimpse in at some of the amazing Chihuly glass work that is on display, which of course is quite colorful.